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Do you prefer male or female boss? Why Làng nc có ai làm đề thảo luận này thì xem nè

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Topic Icon Do you prefer male or female boss? Why Làng nc có ai làm đề thảo luận này thì xem nè

Bài gửi by Leo_BMW on Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:39 am


Hello ladies and gentlemen, we are group 8. Today we are very glad to be here to talk about the preference of male or female . Our group include six members :

1. Bùi Thị Quỳnh Trang
2. Mai Thị Thanh Phương
3. Nguyễn Thị Nhinh ( Secretary )
4. Vũ Thị Minh Phượng
5. Lưu Thị Hồng Quyên
6. Dương Nhật Phương ( Head of group )

We will give you some points of view about strong points and weak points of female boss as well as male boss. Accordingly, you can take a choice more easily.

Our discussion consist of four parts, the first part is strong point of female boss, the next part is her weak point , the third part is advantage which male boss have and the final is his disadvantage.

I. STRONG POINTS OF FEMALE BOSS : ( presented by Trang )

As you know, the nature have endowed women with feminine grace and humility, which are not found in men. That is one of their strong points.

Firstly, women are able to make a good impression or sympathy on customers and partners. Especially your female boss is good looking and quite friendly. She has agreements more easily than man. In addition to that, company’s image will be improved by her. And it is a good way to advertise your firm to people.

In these discussions, women have the advantage over men because her cleverness and grace. They are often priortized by men. A simple reason is that men would like to prove themselves to be true gentlemen.

Besides women also do not like drinking. They will not make mistakes in the meeting only by wine. On account of their care, the work is carried out quickly. Your customers and company have been satisfied by their job performance.

And in your firm, the work environment become to be comfortable and closer, because she is interested in junior staffs. For instance, she can hear the trouble from you in short breaks. It is not only to be concerned works but also may be trifling stories.

Moreover, if you are creative staff, you will have chances to show the ability. It is excited to work there.

II. WEAK POINTS OF FEMALE BOSS : ( presented by Nhinh )
But up to now, women have been looked upon weaker sex and they have been protected by men. History proved this. Especially, in the war men get the responsibility to guard nation and family. Maybe that is why people value men above women.

Cause by many different reasons, women are not appeciated. First and foremost reason is their health. It is not as good as men. People think female is not productive and can not do the same quantum as male. Furthermore she get tired easily and not able to work longer hours.

Suppose that, your agency has a mission or a training course in a foreign country for a long time, six months or one year for example. Almost the master chooses a male for this post.

Now in the market economy, no place for indecision. Resolution which are often lacked in female, is important quality. They have to work indepently and make decisions quickly. A female have difficulties to take belief from the master more than male. Except she is really energetic and ambitious.

The next reason resist female’s career is social opinion. As old social concept, women should be homemakers and take care of family. They have social relations the less the better. That is why women have a high qualification more less than men. Even woman is ambitious and have a good qualification but key positions are not taken up by her. She is only received few chances for promotion. Those are difficulties which female have to face.

III. ADVANTAGES OF MALE BOSS : ( presented by T.Phương )

And now imagine that you have a male boss. Some strong points of him that you can see clearly. He is in good health and energetic. A male boss can do work in many hours as well as different works. The most important thing, he can work under pressures still maybe more effectively. Good health which make him be cheerful to be interested in work, is great advantage.

A good quality is found in male boss, is resolution. It come to be necessary in the market economy. A right decision is not only to raise his prestige but also take back profitability more than for company. Consequently, different opinions will be come to a agreement more quickly in the meeting by his power. Avoid the difference in organization.

As social aspect, a male boss usually has a wide circle accquaintance more than female.
More and more, social relationships become to be decided cause in the campaign or tendering. You can see, in the market economy, chances are the same risks. These good relations will restrict risks. He can get help from his business-friends.

In addition to that, men take social pressures more less than women. To bring up children and do houseworks take men less time. Of course, they have more free time to do work. So they feel to be more comfortable. It makes them be creative and dedicate to work hard.

IV. DISADVANTAGES OF MALE BOSS : ( presented by Quyên firstly, and next to Phượng )
Against the active side, men have quite many negative qualities. In your firm, he can be arbitrary person. That is bad. The work environment become to be strained. You do nothing effectively. Or you have some creative thoughs but your boss do not accept. Even he also put pressures on you because he dislike active staffs.

You have a strong attachment to company. And you recognized your boss’s mistakes. You would like to offer the suggestion to him. But the result is not as you imagined. He does not correct it and you can be out of work. That is a possibility if your boss is incapable and envies of able person.

A male boss also usually meets in customers. They join to many parties which make him be drunk, prefer drinking to working. Accordingly he is fooled by beauty trap. It is possible.

The worst thing is embezzlement. He misappropriate public funds for individual rest or relaxation. Even he use money funds to take part in the evils. The most popular is gambling. As far as I know, Bùi Tiến Dũng for example.

How terrible if it come true. Your boss creat a scandal but whole company have to deal with problems. That is absurd. The junior staffs always are at the disadvantge compared with another. They face difficulties and can be made redundant because of company’ s decay. But main reason is your boss’s irresponsible actions.

The other aspect, arbitrariness and patriarchal behaviour go together frequently. The wife will be very unhappy if she has a husband like this. Unhappy families are the reason of many social evils. Children are spoiled. The laws have been broken by minors. Their parent have responsibilities for sins. But they overindulge themselves, too. It is really dangerous to society.

So we have just talked about strong and weak points of female as well as male boss. After all we suppose that, to choose male or female boss to depend on the requirement of job. A work about fashion design, female is able to do more effectively than male. But male suit to be controller in a construction company. That is our view.

Finally, thank you for listening. Do you have any question for our discussion? All comments are welcome.

V. ANSWER THE QUESTION : ( N.Phương will respond to the question and comment )

  

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Topic Icon Re: Do you prefer male or female boss? Why Làng nc có ai làm đề thảo luận này thì xem nè

Bài gửi by Leo_BMW on Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:41 am

Anh chị em cho ý kiến nhé

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